Elegant Exchange
The following information is for those interested in consigning items at Elegant Exchange. For more information, email info@elegant-exchange.com or call store owner Birgit Graham at (732) 223-8300 during regular business hours Tuesday through Saturday.

How can I consign items at Elegant Exchange?

Items are accepted by appointment. Clothing is limited to 10 items or less per appointment.

How much would I get if I sold my items at the store?

Consignors are paid 50 percent of the sale price, which is determined by Elegant Exchange. Elegant Exchange reserves the right to refuse any item. Payments can be picked up at any time.

Q: How can I be sure I'm being compensated fairly for my items?

Elegant Exchange electronically records all sales, prints its price tags and issues a computerized settlement report for consignors with the payment.

merchandise displayWhat condition should items be in for Elegant Exchange to consider accepting them for consignment?

All items must have a designer label. They should be seasonal, in style, no older than two years (or vintage), clean and pressed/ironed. Items with spots, tears, missing buttons, moth holes or odors (including perfumes) will not be accepted. Please check your clothing articles carefully prior to bringing them in for consignment. If items that are consigned with the store are later discovered to have defects, Elegant Exchange reserves the right to discard them without any notification.

merchandiseYou mention that items must be seasonal. What are your seasons?

Spring/summer items are sold February-July. Fall/winter items are sold August-January.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

All consigned items will be displayed for 60 days. Items not sold in the first 30 days will be marked down up to 50 percent. Items not sold after 60 days should be picked up by the consignor. It is the consignor’s responsibility to keep a record of the time limit. Any unclaimed items after 60 days will be donated to charity without notification. Consignors can remove their items from the store at any time.

Elegant Exchange Consignor FAQs